Project 120 is a non-profit corporation in Houston, Texas, founded by four Rice University students in late 2015. We are dedicated to providing high quality photography and media services to other non-profits and charitable causes in the Houston area at no cost. Our team specializes in event photography and videography, as well as editing and graphic design.

We work with our partners to determine their media needs. Most of our work consists of event photography, but we also offer professional portraits and short films on an as needed basis. We plan, take, and edit photos and return them to our partners in a timely fashion via Dropbox or other means.

The 120 in our name is a reference to film photography. Negatives of medium format film measure 120mm in length and width. Although we now work only in digital, the founders of Project 120 began learning photography in this format: film, chemicals, and darkrooms. From this start, photography and videography has opened doors for each of us. Now we wish to use our skills for a more vibrant Houston and a better world.

If you represent a charitable, cultural, or educational cause in Houston, and you believe Project 120 can help your organization, we would love to work with you. Please contact us via the form on our home page, or call 973-349-0474 at any time.

Project 120 is grateful for the generous support of the Hilda and Hershel Rich Family Endowment. If you would like to support our mission, please contact us via the same means as above.